Irrigation Services

Our systems are specifically designed to meet your lawn irrigation and maintenance needs. We can help you find the right design that works for you!

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  • System and Well Maintenance
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    • Early Season Check
    • Late Season Check
    • Winterization
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System & Well Maintenance

Spring Turn-On:
This service is performed every spring, and gets you ready for summer!
Our office will schedule a day for our technician to come to your home to turn on your irrigation system. While the technician is at your home, he will turn the water on to the system and inspect the plumbing and vacuum breaker. The technician will then activate the controller, set the watering schedule and test all the valves in the system. As a finishing touch, the technician will inspect and adjust the system for proper coverage. The technician will check all lines, heads, and nozzles for proper function. If there happen to be any known repairs needed, this is the time to do them!

Early Season Check (mid June-mid July): This important service is done early in the summer, and is designed to adjust your system for proper coverage. Our office will schedule a day for our technician to visit your home, where he will turn on and check the controller and valves for proper operation. He will also observe the sprinkler heads to be sure they are spraying what they are supposed to. Wayward heads will be adjusted at this time. Most importantly, the technician will reprogram the controller in accordance with the current seasonal conditions. Now is another good time to have repairs made!

Late Season Check (mid July-end of August): This highly effective service is done late in the summer, and is intended to adjust your system for proper coverage and watering. This service is similar to the Early Season Check in that the controller and valves are checked for proper operation, plus the sprinkler heads are checked for proper coverage and water distribution. The controller is also reprogrammed for the proper watering schedule, which is imperative during times of drought, which is often the case this time of year. The technician will also inspect for any needed repairs to the system.

Winterization: You must have your irrigation system winterized every year to prevent any possible freeze damage to the system. This service is done every autumn, and prepares us for the upcoming winter. Our office will schedule a day for the technician to visit your home. While there, he will turn the irrigation system water off, and drain insde pipes and the vacuum breaker. He will deactivate the controller and valves. Ultimately, the technician will clear all lines of water using compressed air, and open all manual drains and faucets.

Secrets of Saving Money
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