Irrigation System Installation

Once you've reviewed and agreed to the design we proposed, we'll schedule an installation at a time convenient for you and your family. We understand how busy lives can get and will do everything possible to ensure minimal interruption.

We arrange for and secure all the necessary permits with your town, and manage each installation to run as smoothly as possible.

Throughout the installation process, a senior management team member is on-site to oversee all the details and make certain the exact specification of the design are being implemented. And when the last sprinkler head is in place, a complete Quality-Control check is performed to verify all components are in perfect working order. And should any problems arise, your irrigation system is covered by a 2 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

As a final installation step, we provide you with complete training to be sure you're comfortable with the overall operation of your irrigation system and how to make adjustments.

For the homeowner, an automatic lawn irrigation system installation means ending forever the tiresome job of lawn watering. Like any permanent improvement, a sprinkler installation will add appreciably to the value of your home. When G.G. Goldfuss installs your automatic in-ground sprinklers, water waste and over watering is eliminated. You are assured that your lawn sprinklers are automatically and efficiently providing for all your lawn and garden watering needs.

Our sprinkler systems are designed and installed to require a minimal amount of service. The normal services your system requires such as winterizing, summerizing, and occasional sprinkler system repairs or adjustments are performed by trained courteous irrigation service mechanics.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about lawn irrigation systems and how efficient they are at water conservation. Water conservation requires foresight.

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