Retirement imageMike Ibert is retiring after many years of excellent
service to St. James and the surrounding community.

Mike and I have known each other since we worked and retired together from the New York City Police Department. It’s very sad to be saying goodbye again. But – at the same time – we know that he leaves us in good shape and – going now – he’s got the chance to enjoy all that hard earned pension before the Chancellor gets his hands on it!

This organization will be a much emptier place without him, but it will be an honor to take up the baton as his successor and I promise to try and live up to his extraordinarily high standardsGlenn Goldfuss

G. G. Goldfuss is honoring all remaining warrantees on Mike’s client’s wells, pumps and sprinklers. Call us at: 910-278-6620

Nothing enhances your home more than a lush, green lawn. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is with an automatic irrigation system from G. G. Goldfuss Irrigation. We value quality service, reliable products, and strive for our customer's satisfaction. Our expert service to you is our time-honored tradition, which we take very seriously.

We are a family owned and operated irrigation design & installation company serving St. James, Oak Island, Southport and its surrounding areas. Over 30 years, installing and servicing systems - from parks to athletic fields, private residences to corporate centers. We owe our success to satisfied customers that expect good service and efficient operation in a timely manner. At the heart of our organization is a very diligent and dedicated staff.

We guarantee all of our work and assure customer satisfaction. Our products include pumps, wells, drip, sprinkler, and spray heads, residential and commercial irrigation systems. We also provide a two year parts & labor warranty.

For the homeowner, an automatic lawn irrigation system means ending forever the tiresome job of lawn watering. Like any permanent improvement, a sprinkler installation will add appreciably to the value of your home. When G.G. Goldfuss installs your automatic in-ground sprinklers, water waste and over watering is eliminated. You are assured that your lawn sprinklers are automatically and efficiently providing for all your lawn and garden watering needs.

Our sprinkler systems are designed and installed to require a minimal amount of service. The normal services your system requires such as winterizing, spring tune-ups, and occasional sprinkler system repairs or adjustments are performed by trained courteous irrigation service mechanics.

Contact us today for a free estimate, and let us assist you with all your irrigation needs.